Biography: Donald Keys

Born 1958, in the coastal town of Bulli, Donald is an artist who is heavily influenced by the juxtaposition of his hometown’s heavy industry and environmentally sensitive beaches. Donald’s paintings are figurative works, in a contemporary impressionist style. He paints using vibrant colours that are quintessentially Australian. His works feature everyday people at work or at play, ubiquitous objects, industrial scenes and inviting landscapes.

Artist Statement

"Growing up close to a coal mine, and just twenty kilometres from a steel works, I was often asked by people in Sydney what it was like to live surrounded by big dirty industries. This amused me greatly, as I was so used to virgin bushland, and clean beaches. Bulli is just seventy kilometres south of Sydney, where the mountains meet the ocean, and has a wealth of natural beauty. It’s picturesque.

I tend to see things in an optimistic, and colourful light, and therefore have no desire to create images that depict ugly and sad situations. Hopefully, when one views my paintings, they will see something better than it is in real life".

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Donald Keys